Westmount Guarantee

Date: May 7, 2014 | Share This +

Westmount Guarantee Brand Launch
May 2014
Toronto, Canada

BV is proud to announce the successful launch of the Westmount Guarantee brand. Westmount Guarantee is a surety solutions company, supporting developers to unlock the power of their purchaser deposits during the build phase. Engaged by Jim Emanoilidis, President, this initiative included development of a – brand identity/logo, brand positioning line, website, as well as other supporting collateral materials. BV further created “Breaking New Ground”, the thematic cornerstone for Westmount’s official launch event.

BV is pleased to have built a brand that accurately reflects the dynamic and responsive team at Westmount – a brand that succinctly aligns with the developer market that they are active in.

“It was clear from our first meeting that BV was dedicated to understanding our vision and our culture, and to building a brand and identity to accurately reflect who we are. I felt confident from the start that they were part of my team, and that this was an area in which they were consummate experts. I dropped my guard, and my preconceived notions of what I thought our brand should look like. I let the experts guide the process, and the outcome was far better, and much different, than I imagined. Our brand has quickly become a sense of pride in our company and has enhanced our creditability within our marketplace. “

Jim Emanoilidis, President

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