Rosanne Baker Thornley

Creative Director


bvbrand. We get it.

Since we’ve been at this a while, we understand branding. We see a few steps ahead so we can anticipate how your brand will “work”. We do our homework to get to know your business and its challenges — and opportunities.

We believe that design can and should help build your business, not just look good. We bridge the gap between where you are and where you would like to be in the minds of your audience so that you can grow your business.

We care.

We guarantee that we care more about your brand than you do. What? That’s impossible. Is it? Are you ready to ensure that every application of your brand is consistently, printed, uploaded or broadcast across all media? Probably not. You have a business to run, and you’re good at it. That’s why you hire us. You likely don’t tell your lawyers how to structure a contract or your accountants how to prepare a balance sheet. In much the same way, your branding will flourish in the collaborative hands of experts.

We follow through.

We follow through on every application of your brand. In print, web and other media. If something isn’t right or up to standards it gets done over, until it is right — and at no extra cost to you. All you do is wait for it to be delivered, uploaded or broadcast. That’s peace of mind.

We’re good at it.

Our clients will tell you that we go above and beyond to deliver a superlative product. That’s not by accident.

Our passion for building solid, lasting brands is proven through our client relationships. When the synergy and mutual respect is allowed to develop the results are powerful.

We have great partners.

Over the years, we has developed solid relationships with partners like printers, writers, photographers and other critical suppliers. These are people and organizations with deep integrity, professionalism and credibility. They have been carefully chosen and retained for their ability to consistently produce to the highest standards.